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NEWSTAR Laptop Cooler

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NEWSTAR Laptop Cooler (NS-LC200)

NEWSTAR Laptop Cooler

  • Type Notebook køling
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The NSLC200 is a universal notebookcooler that cools a notebook by 15 degrees.

The NewStar notebook cooler, model: NSLC200, is your reliable partner for your laptop. This ergonomic stand fits below your laptop and reduces, due to it's design, wrist injuries. The stand is height adjustable offering you the best viewing angle up to 6 degrees. Take full advantage of your laptop!
This cooler offers you more benefits. Laptops get slower due to warmth. This ideal tools reduces your laptop heath with 15 degrees preventing degradation of laptop speed. The low noise cooling fan connects to your USB port using a minimum of energy.
This model, NSLC200, is your ideal tool for traveling. Compact, light and easy to carry.

Depth : 9 cm
Width : 22 - 32 cm
Height : 2 - 4 cm
Tilt : 10°
Connection : USB
Cables : Yes
Color : Black
Warranty : 3 year
EAN code : 8717371440671